STS TÜRKİYE is the Turkish Scholarly Network for Science and Technology Studies. The network is founded in 2017 as a platform to build up a Turkish network among researchers with interests in the study of science, technology and medicine in Turkish society. 

The objectives of STS TÜRKİYE are  

    • to improve scholarly communication and exchange in the field in Türkiye, to facilitate contact amongst scholars, advocating an interdisciplinary approach to STS using multiple methods; 
    • to promote STS in Türkiye by organizing conferences, as well as supporting various events and publications, and so increase the visibility and diffusion of the STS approach in Türkiye; 
  • to stimulate and support teaching on the subject at all levels, to aid in the development of STS-related skills amongst researchers and PhD candidates, including theoretical knowledge and methodological knowhow. 

Activities include the co-organization of local STS events and Turkish STS meetings. STS TÜRKİYE represents the Turkish STS community at the national and international level. It further promotes reflection on the ever-increasing importance of science and technology in our society by encouraging a dialog between the social and natural sciences and also between scientists and society. Membership in the STS TÜRKİYE Network is open to anyone interested in understanding the developments in science, technology, or medicine in relation to their social contexts. The focus is the understanding of the interdependencies of science, technology, medicine and society.