Bu aksam @Arsevu @SafakKilictepe @sakaerka ile birlikte @sosyalkafa da #STSinTurkey konusacagiz #ststurkey #ststwitter Together with colleagues from the coordination team of @ststurkey we will have a digital roundtable in sosyalkafa on networking, teaching & doing STS in Turkey https://t.co/seqHMmK1mq

Küresel ve yerel çapta bilim, teknoloji ve toplum arakesitinde değerlendirilecek ne çok konumuz vardı?

Sevgili @sakaerka ile bu akşam Bilim ve Teknoloji Çalışmaları (STS) alanını konuşacağız.


Bu gece @ststurkey ile Bilim ve Teknoloji Çalışmaları üzerine söyleşimiz olacak. 22:00'de!

What role for science and technology studies (STS) in crisis? To collect reflections on this question, @HarvardSTS is launching STS&Crisis, an online media project. Today, the first issue (Pandemic) is now live, with new content posted regularly: https://t.co/PTUNb8adZY

I'm really looking forward to chairing the session on Wednesday with @bharunkucuk! We will be discussing his new book "Science Without Leisure: Practical Naturalism in Istanbul, 1660-1732." ~

See: https://t.co/cv1cfxPba9

Presenter registration has closed. Non-presenter registration is now open https://t.co/jWqlDWPIIR.
All are welcome to listen in on sessions, participate if and when invited by session chairs, peruse exhibits and visit with publishers, and join the informal networking sessions.

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