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#STScovid19 kullanarak pandemi & etkileri hakkındaki düşüncelerinizi paylaşmaya davet ediyor. Mesajlar https://t.co/Z0572FhXpc adresinde toplanacak. STS topluluğunun söyleyecek çok şeyi var @ststurkey @Arsevu @EmineOnculer https://t.co/7JXdqPTzE0

#COVID19 – EASST Council Statement and Call: "As STS scholars, we know that when new actors enter technoscientific configurations, health, political, socioeconomic factors are reshuffled." #STScovid19 https://t.co/I0D5wFh2zu https://t.co/7zXXwAgfw8

Read Dr. Jasanoff 's rich interview on the many aspects of the COVID-19 crisis: work of public health, models and visualizations, the importance looking to other societies, and pertinent thoughts on how we might want to emerge from the crisis. https://t.co/sMNJTPHSug

We @STSeasst invite the community to share their thoughts about the current pandemic and its implications by using the hashtag #STScovid19. Messages will be collected at https://t.co/OnMPwEE7HV. The STS community has a lot to say #COVID19 #coronavirus: let’s make it visible.

"There are ruptures between medical science, the public, and the political response. It’s hard to know how to think about it—which, thankfully, is where science and technology studies (STS) comes in."

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