Araştırma atölyesi: Gömülü/ Temellendirilmiş Kuram Metodolojisi & ATLAS.ti programı ile uygulamaları


We're calling out to YOU - paper presenters, panel conveners, exhibitors, makers and doers #4s2018 now open for submissions! (Can we get a RT folks?)

STS TURKEY, DASTS'la bir araya geldi: Aalborg Üniversitesi'ne, Tekno-Antropoloji Laboratuvarı'na (TANT-laboratuvarı) ve Kopenhag Üniversitesi Tıp Bilimi ve Teknolojisi Merkezi'ne ziyarete ilişkin rapor @TANTlab @mesahinol #sts #stsisbirligi #ststurkey

how do STS methods generate and shape our data? Apply NOW to #STS workshop "#ParticipantObservation & Collaboration in #STSethnography" with e.g. @kaisirlin #JohnLaw and many others! Deadline: 1/12

CFP: Closing the Gap: How technology changes spatial relationships between humans & animals, Shanghai, 29-30 Mar 2018.
I’m one of the organizers, so I want to see you there! #envhist #histSTM

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