Attendees of STS TURKEY Science, Technology and Society Winter School 2021, which will be held for the third time this year, have been announced. First of all, we appreciate all the interest and applications. We received a total of 112 applications. The applications were evaluated independently by five different referees. Many parameters were taken into account in this process. First of all, we paid attention to the fact that the study areas of the attendees overlap with the STS field. Also, providing diversity in the attendee profile was also an important criterion for us. We aim to have students discuss their research in an interactive environment while benefiting from the courses. Accordingly, we keep the attendee list limited, therefore we cannot accept the requests of attending only the section of courses.

The presentations will be held via Zoom on February 3-5, 2021 with the support of BİLGİ Media. Program details and Zoom links will be sent to all attendees’ e-mail addresses in the coming days.

As STS Turkey, we plan to continue the Science, Technology and Society trainings. You can follow the upcoming announcements on our website or social media (Twitter, Facebook) channels.

Lists of Attendees

Abdülkadir Pala

Ali Güney

Amine Ennur Aksoy

Asena Fulya Seyrekbasan

Burak Furkan Mermer

Büşra Eser

Dijan Özkurt

Dilay Merve Temur

Ebru Kaya

Esma Aslan

Esra Şekerci

Hilal Bal

Mehmet Yeğin

Melis Okay

Merve Dışbudak

Onur Canpolat

Saadet Tıkaç

Sinan Refik Akgün

Esra Atalay Tuna

Öznur Bayrak

Musa Acar

Ayşen Arıkazan

Birce Altın

Zübeyde Demircioğlu

İsmail Yiğit

İdil Kula

Gizem Çelik

Betül Gürtekin

Bahar Özdemir

Elif Büyükkeçeci