We are now accepting open panel proposals for #4s2019 in #NOLA! Check out https://t.co/oDZE8TMam2 for details about the conference & how to submit proposals.

Full text of the Handbook of Genomics, Health and Society (2018) available online free for one more week. https://t.co/bOBqz9Hl5l

I wished academia placed a higher value on honesty and kindness

Tinn: What could @SocHistTech do better in the future? Here's a wishlist
1) More international scholars @ annual mtg
2) More interactions b/w US & global scholars
3) Participation in regional workshops
4) Form SHOT chapters outside US
5) Establish policy-oriented group


Calling ECRS: We're offering up to £1000 to attend a conference of your choice https://t.co/AbAxwjU8Kb

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